¡Hola! Soy una periodista: Journalism in Chile

periodico2It’s pretty safe to say that the United States is one of the meccas for news and journalism. It spawned the Associated Press, The New York Times, CNN, yellow journalism, muckrackers, and the creator of Twitter. But around the world are some incredible countries that hold the same amount of incredible journalism powers as well.

Gay Talese said that tape recorders hurt journalism. A lot:

“…number one the worst thing that ever happened to serious nonfiction writing, was the tape recorder. What this did was allow reporters or magazine writers to…take a tape recorder and then [in] rather not much time at all to get a lot of verbatim quotes from well-known people.”

While I do not completely agree with him, I do see his point. We stop listening when we know we have a failsafe in our fancy technology. iPhones, recorders have allowed us to become far too dependent on machines around us, and instead focus on the next question. We don’t even have to think about what the person is saying.

If we wanted, we could be browsing online shopping on our phones at the same time.

But here in Chile, I’ve done a bit of “dinosaur reporting” and gone shorthand— talking to people on the streets with only a notebook and pen. While this has been filete, asombroso, it has also been one of the biggest challenges I’ve expereinced in my life. I know have a new appreciation for the old days of journalism.

On Monday I went to the Cerros Altos to report on the victims, the volunteers, the scene.

Hola, soy Phoebe McPherson, una periodista de los EEUU. Esta bien si yo los estrevisto a ustedes. 

I am an outgoing person, I have confidence. Interviewing is one of my favorite parts about journalism, because I love hearing points of view.

Through my time here in Chile, I’m learning more and more about what it means to really be a journalist. I recently explained to a class of Chilean peers what the role of social media and online news platforms were to people in the United States. There has never been a time when I have felt more at grasp with my future career than in that moment.

With the rest of the semester, I can’t wait to see what I can further take in and learn.


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