Practicing my spanish: passing out flyers in Viña del Mar

This past Saturday, I spent a few hours with my Chilean friend handing out flyers to promote a benefit concert this coming weekend in Viña del Mar. 100 percent of the proceeds go to those afectado by the Valparaiso fire.

After el reunion with the aunt of a friend for directions and t-shirts, we took to the streets. Macarena, my friend, and I spent our time at street corners, trying to attract teens and 20-somethings.


Killing it with my Spanish conversation skills: “¿Permiso, pero conoces sobre el concierto la próxima fin de semana? No, pues aquí es la información para ti. Solamente tres lucas si eres un estudiante. Ven! Ven! Ven!”

Unlike Macarena, my speeches often attracted many “very good” responses and laughs. A few sympathetic glances from older mothers screamed, “Aw, look at this poor gringa.”

But then, it clicked and after about 300 flyers handed out, I had my script down to a point and was rattling the information of as fast as possible. Speak about info, generate interest, get the flyer in their hand.

At one point, a cute chilean guy and his friend stopped and listened to my schpeal (is this a word?).

Que?” cute boy said, “Lentamiento.”

Eres chileno? Porque no hablo rapido. O bueno.” I laughed.

A few minutes later, Macarena had come over and the boys asked for her opinion on if I spoke fast. It was decided: I was speaking incredibly fast.

Other times, women would look at me and shake their heads. “No hablo ingles,” or “permiso, no cacho.” This became a pet-peeve for the day: am I being written off because I look or sound gringa?

We also went into a Sodimac to buy a flower for Macarena’s mom. It’s a mix between Home Depot and IKEA. I was in heaven.


The group and it’s organizers together for a quick selfie. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to keep the t-shirts.

afectado – affected

el reunion – meeting

Que? – what?

Lentamiento – slowly

eres chileno? – are you chilean?

no hablo ingles – I don’t speak English

no cacho – I don’t understand

rapido – fast, quickly

bueno – good, well


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