Bienvenidos a Santiago

Bienvenidos a Santiago

I’m here! I’ve arrived safely in Santiago, Chile. In the past 48 hours, my senses have become physically exhausted and I love it. It’s been more than a thrill ride for me. Stay tuned for updates in the next day or two.
This is the view of Santiago from the top of the statue of San Cristobal. ¿Está muy hermoso, no? But there is a lot of smog over the city because hay mucho contaminación.

Está muy hermoso, no – Isn’t it pretty?
contaminación – pollution



  1. I’m very glad to hear that, Pheobe! It was so nice to meeting you! I hope you have a great stay in my country.


    P.S. I couldn’t add you as a friend on facebook, I just could “follow” you, so I sent you a message that should appear in the folder “other” (I mean, not in the “inbox” one). In that message I wrote you my facebook account, in order to keep in touch with each other!
    I hope to see you soon.

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