5000 miles…south

¿Dondé está Phoebe? ¿De dónde es? 

Most importantly, where am I going?

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 11.34.18 PM

I’m going to Valparaíso, Chilé, over 5000 miles away from the University of New Hampshire. To my surprise, it’s in the same timezone as UNH and my hometown, which is useful for communication. Valparaíso is very close to another city, Viña del Mar, and I’ll hopefully be traveling there frequently.

In Chilé, I’m hoping that I can explore and backpack around a bit. I’m wildly interesting in Tierra de Fuego, Patagonia and the Andes mountain range. Beyond that, I want to visit the home to Pablo Neruda, un poet famoso por su usa de metaforas. If you have the time, watch this movie. It’s in italian, but it does an excellent job of portraying Neruda and the significance of his work.

Every time I go somewhere new, I’ll update this map to track my journey.

¿Dondé está Phoebe? – Where is Phoebe?

¿De dónde es ella? – Where is she from?

un poet famoso por su usa de metaforas – A poet famous for his use of metaphors.


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